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Uta no Prince-sama costume544

Price: $42
Product Code: costume544
 This product will be stocked after you ordered. Please confirm the "Buying Time" below before you check out.


Availability(Buying Time)
  This product will be stocked and shipped out within 2-6 days(Avg: 4 days) after your payment completed. This time doesn't include the delivery time.

  Even if you buy the Express Ticket, the maximum Buying Time for this prodact exceptionally becomes 4 business days.

Brand New






Jacket / One-Piece / Ribbon Tie


Polyester / Others

Measurements in inch

[S Size]
Length: 21.1"
Bust: 35.4"
Waist: 31.5"
Shoulder Width: 14.6"
Sleeve Length: 22.2"

Back Length: 29.9"
Bust: 33.1"
Waist: 28.3"
Shoulder Width: 12.2"

[M Size]
Length: 21.7"
Bust: 37"
Waist: 33.1"
Shoulder Width: 15"
Sleeve Length: 22.8"

Back Length: 30.7"
Bust: 34.6"
Waist: 29.9"
Shoulder Width: 12.6"

[L Size]
Length: 22.2"
Bust: 38.6"
Waist: 34.6"
Shoulder Width: 15.4"
Sleeve Length: 23.4"

Back Length: 31.5"
Bust: 36.2"
Waist: 31.5"
Shoulder Width: 13"

[2L Size]
Length: 22.8"
Bust: 40.2"
Waist: 36.2"
Shoulder Width: 15.7"
Sleeve Length: 24"

Back Length: 32.3"
Bust: 37.8"
Waist: 33.1"
Shoulder Width: 13.4"

[4L Size]
Length: 24"
Bust: 43.3"
Waist: 39.4"
Shoulder Width: 16.5"
Sleeve Length: 25.2"

Back Length: 33.9"
Bust: 40.9"
Waist: 36.2"
Shoulder Width: 14.2"

Measurements in cm

[S Size]
Length: 53.5cm
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 80cm
Shoulder Width: 37cm
Sleeve Length: 56.5cm

Back Length: 76cm
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 72cm
Shoulder Width: 31cm

[M Size]
Length: 55cm
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 84cm
Shoulder Width: 38cm
Sleeve Length: 58cm

Back Length: 78cm
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 76cm
Shoulder Width: 32cm

[L Size]
Length: 56.5cm
Bust: 98cm
Waist: 88cm
Shoulder Width: 39cm
Sleeve Length: 59.5cm

Back Length: 80cm
Bust: 92cm
Waist: 80cm
Shoulder Width: 33cm

[2L Size]
Length: 58cm
Bust: 102cm
Waist: 92cm
Shoulder Width: 40cm
Sleeve Length: 61cm

Back Length: 82cm
Bust: 96cm
Waist: 84cm
Shoulder Width: 34cm

[4L Size]
Length: 61cm
Bust: 110cm
Waist: 100cm
Shoulder Width: 42cm
Sleeve Length: 64cm

Back Length: 86cm
Bust: 104cm
Waist: 92cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm


2L x :, 4L x :



This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 14 February, 2013.

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